Our Curriculum

A Kid’s World curriculum incorporates materials and subjects from various age
group curriculum with the faculty’s extensive experience in bilingual education.
Each month’s curriculum focuses on a theme, such as letters, numbers, colors, and more. 

The faculty engage the children with these concepts through a variety of artistically and
intellectually rich lessons and activities. Along with each month’s theme, planned lessons 
and activities will introduce the students to numerous subjects, including a music class and
a cooking class each week. The goal is to prepare children for Kindergarten by placing a 
strong emphasis on reading readiness. 

Children will have the option of learning either Spanish or Italian, in addition to normal
instruction in English. Scholars and education experts, as well as A Kid’s World’s faculty,
regard bilingual education as immensely important for mental development. 

Students will learn greetings in Spanish, vocabulary, and everyday conversation that may 
be used with their parents. After attending A Kid’s World, children as young as four may be
conversant in Spanish.

A Kid’s World attendees will also have access to an exciting physical education that incorporates
the preschool’s sprawling grounds. Children will have the option of going on nature walks on
the property’s many paths, or playing on equipment in a fenced-off safe area. In the Spring 
and Summer, children will have the opportunity to garden. Past yields including flowers,
tomatoes and cucumbers. 


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Giving our students
the opportunity 
to learn
a second language:
Spanish and/or Italian